How Much Will it Cost?


When doing physie at MVP we only ask you to pay for two things, Registration (which includes your Insurance) and class fees.


If you do not want to compete, you do not have to.  We understand that competition is not for everyone but we also believe that "the best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do".  Test yourself and you never know what you can achieve.


We have lots of club events during the year which help promote club spirit but nothing seems to do that as much as competitions do.



What if I want to compete?


If you want to compete there are only a couple of things that are compulsory items.  These are;


*    Registration & Insurance

      (covers entry fees to all Zone Competitions)*

*    Leotard & Skirt

*    Ballets


Things to consider;

*    Hair Piece

*    Shimmer stockings (optional from 9yrs & up)

*    Shimmer or Fishnet stockings (compulsory from 13yrs & up)

*    Tanning (optional from 15yrs & up)


* Entry to all Zone Champion Girl and Team competitions are included in your Registration costs.  Your free entry is on the day of YOUR competition ONLY.



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