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Fees & Charges

EP Physie has introduced a new registration system. Your registration is now broken into two parts
  1. Registration with the EP Physie Association
  2. Mulgoa Valley Physie Annual Membership Fee
2023 EP Physie Registration
3-4 Years = $66
5 Years - Ladies = $88
All members are required to pay a one-off annual fee directly to EP Physie for their registration. Payment must be made at time of registering and can be made by credit/visa card or Active Kids Voucher (if applicable).
In addition to the required administration, insurance and music copyright costs payable by the Association, your EP Physie Registration entitles you to:
  • Learn the EP Physie syllabus
  • Have access to the EP practice video/link
  • Have access to the EP music link
  • Entry to compete in EP run individual and team competitions
Registration with EP Physie must be complete within two weeks of starting with MVP and is non-refundable.
The EP Physie registration link can be found on the EP website under the Registration tab.
2024 Mulgoa Valley Annual Membership Fee
3-4 Years = $220
5 Years - Ladies = $480
Your annual club membership fee covers all EP Syllabus instructed classes throughout the year plus:
  • Teams competition entry fees,
  • Entry to all interclubs attended by MVP,
  • Club events and activities
  • Entry for all family & friends to our end of year Showcase.
All members are required to make a deposit towards their club membership fees by 14 March. If you are a NEW MEMBER, your deposit is due 3 weeks after your starting date.
Once again, in 2024, we are offering members flexibility and choice around how fees can be paid. This includes the option to pay annual fees upfront, before the date specified below, which incurs a further discount on your fees. Payment options and corresponding discounts are outlined below.
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