In 2022 EP Physie has introduced a new registration system. Your registration is now broken into two parts

  • Registration with the EP Physie Association

  • Mulgoa Valley Physie Annual Membership Fee


EP Physie Registration

3-4 Years = $66

5 Years - Ladies = $88

All members are required to pay a one-off annual fee directly to EP Physie for their registration. Payment must be made at time of registering and can be made by credit/visa card or Active Kids / Creative Kids Voucher (if applicable).

In addition to the required administration, insurance and music copyright costs payable by the Association, your EP Physie Registration entitles you to:

  • Learn the EP Physie syllabus

  • Have access to the EP practice video/link

  • Have access to the EP music link

  • Entry to compete in EP run individual and team competitions

Registration with EP Physie must be complete within two weeks of starting with MVP and is non-refundable.

The EP Physie registration link can be found on the EP website www.epphysie.com under the Registration tab.

Mulgoa Valley Physie Membership Fee         

3-4 years = $220   

5 years to Ladies = $440

New for 2022 is our MVP Annual Membership Fee. Your fee covers:

  • Your MVP membership

  • All group classes throughout the year, Individual and extra Team practices if required.

  • Entry to all interclubs attended by MVP and

  • Entry for all family & friends to our end of year Showcase.

All members are required to make a deposit towards their Annual membership fee by 28 February. If you are a NEW MEMBER, your deposit is due 3 weeks after your starting date. There are 3 payment options for your annual fee:

  • Early Bird Payment - 10% discount applies when paid in full by 28 February (or for NEW MEMBERS, 3 weeks within start date).

  • Instalments (4) per year - First payment due by 28 February (or for NEW MEMBERS, 3 weeks within start date). Your account must be paid in full by the beginning of term 4.

  • Payments by Active Kids & Creative Kids Voucher(s). Save $300 by providing us with your voucher details at the beginning of each term. The balance of your account must be paid in full by term 4.

Family discounts apply to MVP annual fees only and apply when there are 2 or more members from the same household. Contact us for more information.

Our membership form can be found on the home page of this site.  

All fees are non-refundable.


Members wear whatever is comfortable, a leotard, gym wear or simply a t-shirt and bike tights. Hair is to be neat and tidy and pulled back off the face.


School uniforms, big shirts, tracksuits, jumpers, anything baggy will not be allowed.  It is very hard to correct positions when children and ladies wear unsuitable attire.

No need to purchase ballets just yet, bare feet are perfectly fine for class.


Your class starts with some easy stretching while catching up with your friends and your teacher.  Next, you’ll stretch your legs with some marching and learning some new dance moves.  Each lesson is designed to make sure that you improve a little every single week and caters to the ability level of the group.


For all Juniors, ages are calculated as per your age on our census date of 1 September each year.

JUNIORS - Girls compete according to age

3-4 Years 

5-16 Years



Novice Seniors - 17 years and above who are new to Physie

1st Year Intermediate Seniors  - 17 years + 

2nd Year Intermediate Seniors - 19 years + 

Open Seniors - 21 years + 


Extended Ladies - 25 years + after competing as an Open Senior

Elementary Ladies - Novice members 21 years +

1st Year Ladies - 21 years + after competing as an Elementary Lady

2nd Year Ladies - 21 years + after competing as a 1st Year Lady

Advanced Ladies - 25 years + after competing as an Open Senior, Extended Lady or 2nd Year Lady


There are two types of competitions.  Teams and Individual (Champion Girl).


Individual competitions are held in many forms - Interlcubs, Heats, State Finals, the Grand Final held at Sydney Town Hall on the last Sunday in November, and our own fun Club day.  Girls and Ladies are allowed to pick their own leotard and skirt.  They are also allowed to add "bling" to their leotard.


Every girl and lady receives a medal at all Champion Girl Competitions.

Team competitions consist of 6 girls/ladies who must complete their syllabus in a formation.  A team aims for complete synchronization of all it's members.