A girl/lady is not allowed to compete unless they have paid in full their affiliation fees to the association.


Competing is not compulsory however we do strongly encourage girls to test themselves.  "You never know what you can achieve if you don't have a go".......


If you want to compete there are only a couple of things that are compulsory items.  These are;


*    Registration & Insurance**

*    Leotard & Skirt

*    Ballets


Things to consider include;

*    Hair Piece

*    Shimmer stockings (optional from 9yrs & up)

*    Shimmer or Fishnet stockings (compulsory from 13yrs & up)

*    Tanning (optional from 15yrs & up)


** Entry to all Zone Champion Girl and Team competitions are included in your Registration costs.  Your free entry is on the day of YOUR competition ONLY.


Individual Competitions


There are three levels of competitions for Champion Girl/Lady.


1.  Heats

2.  State Final

3.  State Grand Final


The State Grand Final is held at the Sydney Town Hall in November every year.  It show cases the top 12 girls and ladies from NSW in each age group.


Girls and Ladies are allowed to pick their own leotard and skirt.  They are also allowed to add "bling" to their leotard.


Every girl and lady receives a medal at all Champion Girl Competitions.


Team Competitions


Team competitions consist of 6 girls/ladies who must complete their syllabus in formation.  A team aims for complete synchronization of all it's members. 


Club Showcase Day


At the end of the year we hold a Club Day.  This is a day where the girls perform just for us, their family and friends.  It is a very relaxed day where every member recieves an award and there are lots of smiling faces. 






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